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We have reinvented the traditional hair diffuser and comb for your standard hand-held blow dryer.  The HairScents Aromatherapy Diffuson System allows you to dry your hair while adding fragrance!!!

By diffusing fragrant scents onto your hair, you avoid the application of heavy oils, creams, & toxic chemicals.

If you have sensitive skin and avoid applying oils to your hair due to frequent breakouts, our aromatherapy diffusion system may work for you. 

Try the HairScents Aromatherapy Oil Blends today!

Aroma Oil

Essential Oil Basics

Our essential oils include three different notes. Blends are 10 percent top notes, 30 to 60 percent middle notes, and 15 to 30 percent base notes.

Top Notes

Top notes are thin and mobile with diffusive properties, which can be sharp, penetrating, uplifting, and refreshing. Top note fragrances include:

• Eucalyptus • Grapefruit • Lemon
• Lime • Mandarin • Neroli
• Orange • Pine • Sage
• Peppermint/Spearmint

Middle Notes

Middle notes are full-bodied and complex. They comprise the theme or focal point of the blend while others augment, complement, or harmonize with others. Middle note fragrances include:

• Chamomile • Cinnamon • Coffee
• Ginger • Jasmine • Lavender
• Orange Blossom • Rose • Rosemary

Base Notes
Perfume is created from base notes.  Some are dense, heavy, and strong, while others are deep, tenacious, and supportive. These include:

• Vanilla • Myrrh • Frankincense • Balsam of Peru
• Violet Leaf • Cacao • Amyris


Essential Oil Categories

Candy &
Lemon-Berry Blast

Rest, Island Escape & Powder Fresh

Invigorate, Starburst, & Cool Mint

Love &
Heaven Scent