LoiVela HairScents

Aromatherapy for Your Hair

Refreshen your hair in 3 EASY STEPS.

1st: Apply 3-4 drops of your favorite HairScents essential oil blend to the heat resistant aroma disc pad.

2nd: Place tha aroma disc between the flow vents of the HairScents universal diffuser or comb attachment.

3rd: Attach the diffuser or comb attachment to your handheld blow dryer for great smelling hair.

Diffuser Assembly

Universal Diffuser Attachment

Comb Attachment

Diffuser Assembly
Universal Diffuser Attachment
Universal Comb Attachment

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Woman Diffusing Hair

For Great-Smelling Hair

The LoiVela HairScent Aromatherapy Diffusion System was approved for a US Patent in 2017!  The diffuser and comb are innovatively designed to easily attach to a standard handheld blow dryer. The system supports the transfer and delivery of essential oil vapors onto your hair providing an invigorating, refreshing experience.

Universal Attachments

If you have a standard hair dryer, you're all set! The starter kit comes with a universal diffuser attachment, universal comb attachment, aroma disc pads, and two sample oil blends. Click here for an animated video.

HairScents Aroma Disc

This is where the magic happens!  The aroma disc pad is a heat and static electricity resistant pad designed specifically to meet the dimensions of the diffuser or comb attachment. You simply moisten the aroma disc pad with 2-3 drops of your favorite LoiVela HairScents Essential Oil  Blend and insert pad inside the designated slot. 

Essential Oil Blends

Our signature essential oil blends are specifically created to freshen and deodorize the hair with a variety of delightful aromatic scents. Essential oils are provided in two 2-millimeter vials in the starter kit. Additional sizes may be purchased separately.

Neutralizing Mist

Need to refreshen your hair on the go? Be sure to toss our neutralizing mist into your purse.  Tip:  Spray 1 pump of oil onto your brush and run through your hair.  Our proprietary blend essential oil misting sprays were created to use separately or in conjunction with the diffuser for a longer lasting effect. 

Tip:  Spray 1 pump of essential oil onto your brush and run through your hair for a quick pick-me-up on the go!

Standard Kit

Our standard kit is a great gift to yourself or a loved one.  Contents include:

• Diffuser and Comb attachment with Universal Neck Attachment (connects to dryer)
• Sample Essential Oil Blends (2)
• Replacement Aroma Disc Pads (10)