LoiVela HairScents

Aromatherapy for Your Hair

We offer a safe, organic solution for less-than-fresh-tresses.

Have an aromatic experience in 3 EASY STEPS.

1st: Apply 3-4 drops of your favorite essential oil to the heat resistant aroma disc pad.

2nd: Place tha aroma disc between the flow vents of the HairScents Universal Diffuser.

3rd: Attach the diffuser or comb attachment to your handheld blow dryer.

Voila'!  Smell the difference!!! Elevate your hair maintenance routine to something fabulous.

Treating Mild To Moderate Odor

This quick and easy one-step process is great for treating sweaty hair, chemically treated hair, or hair that just needs to be refreshed after a rigorous workout. Simply divide your hair into four sections and diffuse your favorite essential oil fragrance onto your hair.

Please allow two to four minutes per section.

Treating Severe Odor

If it has been a couple of days since you last washed your hair, or need to deodorize thick hair that is braided or weaved you may need our two step process below:

   Step #1: Divide your hair into four sections and spritz hair lightly at the root or over the affected areas.
Step #2: Apply essential oil to the aroma disc pad and diffuse fragrance onto hair until desired effect is achieved.

Please spend about four to six minutes per section.

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An Effective Treatment To Freshen Your Hair

Essentials oils are transferred onto the hair via a diffussion process. You can enjoy fresh smelling hair for without weighing it down with heavy oils and creams.   Feel confident in your hair care maintenance routine by effectively drying and deodorizing your kinky lo.

Are you a salon owner?

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